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Based out of New York City, WatchMeDrum offers exposure like never before.

Who We Are WatchMeDrum

WatchMeDrum.com was created for you, the drumming community. But it was also created for me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved drumming.

As a kid, my hands just wouldn’t stop. I was always in trouble for banging on the table. I started ministering in church when I was 8 years old and played throughout high school. I played everywhere I could—local events and showcases and even had the chance to perform on Showtime at the Apollo. I’ve also enjoyed making and selling drums.

But there’s one thing that I just can’t get enough of—experiencing other people drumming and discovering talented drummers that I’ve never seen before.

Most drummers are quiet people. You might not notice a drummer in a crowd. But drums unleash something under the surface. Something vibrant. Passionate. Exciting.

When you drum, you have so many elements to control that it completely takes over. You stop thinking about everything else and become very aware. You have to see everything, hear everything at once. You react and create, using your whole body.

Uncovering hidden talent that I’ve never seen before is a thrill, and one that I want to share with other drummers. That’s what WatchMeDrum is all about. It’s a gathering place for the drumming community where professional drummers can build their brands and amateurs and enthusiasts can get exposure.

This is your website. If there’s something that you’re looking for that we don’t offer, let us knowWe’re always looking for ways to better serve our drummers.

The drummer is the heartbeat of the band. This is a home for the heart.

-Anthony Bell