D e v i n B e a m a n – is a perfect example of a passionate drumming style.

The Philadelphia native was surrounded by music from an early age and began PLAYING drums at the tender age of seven. Devin’s influences are jazz, rock, hip-hop, world music, and soul — all of which have helped to create his unique style. Studying with Will Kennedy (drummer of jazz group The Yellowjackets) gave Devin the chance to show off his unique style as well as record and performing with other artists.

Some of these artists include Bow Wow Wow, Meg Lee Chin, Oslo, The Alchemist Sound, The Randies, Julie Neumark, and Hi-Def. Devin has made (pilot) television appearances on MTV’s “Girl Makes Band” and on VH1’s “Celebrity Bands on the Run” with Bow Wow Wow. Devin has also share the stage with other well know acts such as Devo, Dramarama, Fishbone, Rick James, Morris Day and The Time, Lit, Hed P.E, Alien Ant Farm, Berin, Flock of Seaguls, and Candlebox.

Devin currently endorses Prentice Practice Pads.

“Devin Beaman is a great drummer. He has finesse and power. Also, he knows how to not overplay and listen to the song.”

Adrian Young – No Doubt


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