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Omari Augustine 

Omari Augustine offers up another powerful and inspiring drum video.

Cyril Augustine

Trinidad and Tobago drum legend Cyril Augustine teaching drummers about feel and keeping the groove tight at a drum workshop.

Omari Augustine

Omari Joshua Hamilton Augustine, son of Cyril Augustine, one of the pioneers of drumming in Trinidad and Tobago, especially where the Gospel Arena is concerned. 

Damone Jackson

Creating Rhythm with Nature in this grooving solo by Damone. Can’t miss!

Joshua Gadsden 

Getting some serious drum practice in and making it groove! Joshua can really chop it up!

Daniel Bedard

He started drumming back when he was 13 years old first inspired by the punk-rock bands of the day. 

Justin Crump

Justin providing an amazing jam on his drum kit. Justin always brings the goove!!!

Jerry Deluca

Quick Practice from Jerry Deluca on his drum set. Check out Jerry doing his thing!

Diana Nowak-Riffel – (aka “Danusia Beatz”)

She has been playing drums since 1999 here in Western New York. She has brought the “beatz” to multiple bands since 2003 ranging from rock, blues, fusion, funk, hip hop & worship. 

Damone A-Miracale Jackson

Damone  is a drum set specialist and percussion teacher living in Western, NY. Damone graduated from Villa Maria College in 2014 with a B.A. in Music Performance and a concentration in jazz. He has won several awards including the Buffalo Music Award’s Best Blues Drummer in 2013, 2014 2015,

Justin Crump

 Justin having fun with this groove! As always, great stuff from Justin in this groove!

Damone Jackson and GD Funk

  When your drum groove is  🔥Damone Jackson is joined by GD Funk.

Eddie Pearsall

Eddie who also goes by “Eclef”, grooves it up with this awesome video.


Bobby Morrison is a drummer at heart but plays acoustic guitar , harmonica & sings with his wife in a group called Boha Tribe.